Leadership and Personal Development


Leadership and personal develop is essential affecting the impact individuals have within ministry as well as in their own personal lives.

We are a out-of-the-box ministry purposed to teach and encourage the masses.


The ability to inspire people to reach great heights of performance and success is a skill that leaders need. Passion, purpose, listening and meaning help make a leader inspirational. The inspirational leader feels passionately about the vision and mission of the organization. He or she is also able to share that passion in a way that enables others to feel passionate, too. The nature of the vision and mission is critical for enabling others to feel as if their work has purpose and meaning beyond the tasks they perform each day. Our assignment is to empower everyone to reach their fullest potential whether they are leading or following. Our classes support our mission of rebuilding individuals by educating them through academic programs, healing individuals through leadership development within the community, and transforming individuals by inspiring personal growth by developing and empowering people to achieve their fullest potential.