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Ohio Chaplaincy Training Institute OHIO (CTI)

About the CTI Founder

Pastor Wynne Dion Berry, Sr., has a vision to help bring others into their destiny, and he saw the need to implement The Kingdom Destiny School of Ministry, a ministerial leadership class in Indianapolis, IN (2012- Present), where he serves as the President and Lead Instructor. He was given the opportunity to be an instructor at New Wineskins Ministries “School of Ministry,” Indianapolis, IN (2014) and instructor for the “J. Laverne Tyson School of Ordination,” Indianapolis, IN (2011-2012).

About the OHIO Chapter Director

Senior Pastor, Greater Works Christian Center, Inc.

Facilitates the development of family, community and individuals in the areas of finance, spirituality, and emotional well-being.

He is the vision cast for all ministerial programs and missions.

Founder and Adjunct Faculty, Greater Works Bible Institute, Class instruction

Site Director, Senior Instructor. Ohio Chapter of Chaplaincy Training Institute

With 27 years’ experience teaching and preaching it is my mission to bring a message of encouragement to the hopeless, strength to the feeble, and education to the illiterate. It my desire to re-establish family values, assist in the educational growth of the infantile in Christ and witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every heart that will hear.

Became a certified Chaplain through Chaplaincy Training Institute in May 2018

The Chaplaincy Training Institute (CTI) is designed to train men and women in the service of being a chaplain, how to be effective in the role, the challenges, the benefits, and overall chaplaincy in today's society. No matter what type of chaplain you might be considering, CTI's goal is to fully prepare you for the call!

Mission Statement

"Training Christ-centered Chaplains to Serve with Compassion, Integrity and Dignity"

 Vision Statement

"Christian Chaplains bringing CHRIST to every Crisis" 



Be Successful In Your Ministry

This course will change your life and give you the foundation on which you may build a successful ministry. It’s designed to help you with becoming more effective and confident in your ministry.  Course materials are a resource for learning and understanding God.


Homiletics, Speech Psychology, Basic Doctrines, Ministry Opportunities, Life of Christ , Top Ten Ministry Secrets, Eschatology, Church Growth, Evangelism, Spiritual Warfare


The Sunday school teacher, choir directors, lead ushers, pastors, ministerial team, church leaders etc.

We believe in the Bible as the Divinely-inspired Word of God, the revelation of His mind and will to man, our infallible, all sufficient guide for salvation and for the Christian life.

Statement of Faith

We believe in one God, the Creator of all, eternally existing in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe in the depravity of the nature of man through his fall in the Garden of Eden, and the absolute inability of man to save himself from eternal punishment by his own works.

Annual Youth Conference July 27th!! ONE Night ONLY!

Defenders of Faith   Righteous League


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